Procedural Quest and Dialogue Generation in Role-Playing Games


Procedural generated content is getting more and more popular in the game industry. At the moment procedural generation is primarily used to create unique game environments. The next step in this development trend is to generate procedural quests, dialogues and even backstories, to ll an automatically created world. This is an important step as the consumption rate in the game industry increases steadily and the producers have to provide new content faster and faster. This paper describes what quests and dialogues in a role-playing context are and shortly describes what procedural content generation is. Secondly it takes a look at already used procedural methods to generate quests in current games. In the main part it gives a short overview on newer methods how to create quests and dialogues in a procedural way. Lastly it analyses which factors have to be monitored in order to evaluate a good procedural quest system and if the proposed methods are useable in the game industry.


procedural generation, quest generation, dynamic dialogues, game development, roleplaying games

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